Analysis of Cultural Diversity in Preschool Education

  • Asghar Abbas PhD Scholar, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Asad Abbas Rizvi Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Pre schooling, Culture, Cultural Practices, Cultural Similarities, Cultural Differences


Early childhood learning holds a great impact on children satisfaction, intensification, growth and core of education in this interval of life. In child development at early stage lot of activities related to family culture influencing growth and development. Learning throughout life is directly connected with these sorts of activities. In these activities culture base routine is most important for early years. In this age children have strong observational skills with their photo memory. The study was aimed to analyze cultural diversity among young learners, to recognize cultural differences in early childhood instructions and practices, to discover out social likenesses in early learning. It was quantitative research and descriptive research technique was used in this study. Institutions regarding preschool education were taken as population of research. Data was collected through multistage sampling technique. Data were analyzed through statistical techniques t test and one-way ANOVA. Equal cultural diversity was concluded in both male and female early childhood learners. The analysis illustrated that instructive framework; academic capabilities of instructors, preschool learner’s cultural background, teacher’s emolument, cultural region, economical background contribute to cultural similarities and differences. The researcher recommends considering cultural diversity as basic perceptive of the teaching learning process.